Remove Internet Security 2023 – Complete Removal Instructions  

A Malware program, called Advance Virus scanner, was created a few months back. Internet Security 2023 (also known by IS2023) is a clone that has been created. This is a fake antivirus program that tricks users. You can see that its interface is almost identical to the Advanced Virus Scanner rogue app by looking closely. These threats can be delivered to your system in many different ways. Trojan horses, misleading websites, anti-Malware scans online, and so on. Read more now on

Internet Security 2023 can cause error messages to appear when you use applications such as Quicktime, Power DVD and Windows Media Player. This error message can be interpreted as:

These media formats are not supported by Windows:

AVI, WMV and MOV. This issue can be solved by updating your sound and video codecs.

It is actually a fake message, which was created by Internet Security 2023. This application then redirects to, where it asks for payment to obtain a full version to fix any security problems or infections. It is a fraud and a total financial loss.

Internet Security 2023 will display a variety of infections it claims have infected your computer. It also includes:

Rogue: Win32/XPAntivirus.gen!






Trojan-Dropper – W32/Trojan Dropper and many other…

You will be directed to the Internet Security 2023 activation window if you select the Fix my Computer option. You will be notified if you ignore the warnings.

1. Warning!

Your PC has been detected as having intercepted programs that could compromise your privacy or harm your system. It is highly recommended that you scan your computer right away.

2. Warning!

Congratulations! You have just launched the IS2023 Setup program. Wait for installation to complete in 1-2 minutes.

This scam has a large scale and stolen thousands of dollars from computer users who upgraded to this program. They paid for a fake upgrade that does nothing for their computer security.

You have two choices. The first is to manually remove Internet Security 2023. The second is to use an anti-Malware program to automatically remove Internet Security 2023.

The first method requires you to:

This application can kill any processes currently running

Registry Values it has stored in your computer can be deleted

This application’s DLL files can be unregistered

You can delete multiple types of files, including DLL, EXE and LNK files

Remove Directories

These steps are crucial and should be left to the computer professionals. You don’t have to be an expert. The automatic removal method can help you fix any error. PC Health Advisor is an anti-malware program. This program can detect and remove various types of Malware, scareware, and spyware programs. It will also repair any damage done to your Windows operating system. It will make your computer work just as before, and it will keep it safe and faster from future attacks. This application can be used to completely remove Internet Security 2023 from your computer.